Zalman Z9 Cable Management and other things help.

Hey guys, so I went to NCIX yesterday and picked up everything I needed for my build except my Power Colour 7870 LE which is out of stock :/.

I'm having some trouble making this look neat and I have wires all over the place. I tied a few of them and pushed them down into a corner but how do I make the wires less visible? And also I have 2 more case fans and I don't know where to plug them in. Apparently this case only has one case fan thing. There's also an Ac' 97 thing and I don't know where that goes. The manual didn't list it.

Heres my build:

Zalman Z9 Plus
Corsair CX 500
Samsung 840 Series 120 GB SSD
Seagate I TB HDD
Kingston HyperX 8 GB DDR3 1600 Ram (2x4)
i5 3470
Gigabyte B75M-D3H

Here's a picture:

If you see anything wrong that will affect something like the video card that I will add soon or anything that's not healthy, please tell me so I can change it and make my computer more safe.

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    Do not worry much about cable management.
    From a functional point of view, it is not all that important.
    It is mostly for your personal satisfaction.
    I find that when I spend too much time tidying things up, a new part or alteration screws things up.
    Just place the cables so that they do not interfere with any fans.
    Past that, push them to the sides so that they are out of the main airflow stream.
    If your case has a front air filter, make those fans total more cfm than any exit fans. That will yield a positive pressure situation where the air will be filtered, and keep your interior more dust free. With no such filter, see if you can't add one.
    With a non overclockable 3470, you will run cool, so there is little need for extra fans and the accompanying increase in noise.
    I see no problems with adding a big graphics card.
    The AC97 is often an option for the front panel sound header, and may have a Hidef plug on the same header cable. Use whichever one your motherboard supports, and leave the other dangling.
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