What PSU for my build (600w or 700w/750w)

I'm not sure how much power i need for my build.

This is my rig

-i5 3570k (3,4 ghz, maybe OC)
-Gigabyte GTX 660 (non TI)
-Asus P8-Z77 (mobo)
-WD Caviar Black (1tb)
-Corsair 8 gb DDR3 RAM

* I would be buying the corsair models of either the 600w, 650w, 700w or 750w.

- I know not to skimp on the PSU but I would like to spend the least amount of money possible.

Thanks, Connor
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  1. 600 watt corsair for a single gpu is more then enough. Unless you are ever planning on adding a second graphics card.
  2. 600w (from a good brand/company) would be enough, even for dual 660s.
  3. alright thanks so much, i was considering later when i have the money to have dual 660's because the board is SLI compatible.
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