Will these components fit and work?

I need to know if these parts will fit and work together.

i3 2120
Antec Neo Eco 620w
Club 3D Radeon HD 7870XTV Jokercard

Ok, will these parts fit into the zalman z11 plus midi case?

I wasnt sure if you needed to know anything else, so if you do just say please.
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  1. Post the Motherboard you are planning to go with.
  2. its from my lenovo h330 but i cant find what its called
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  4. The components should be compatible. But 620W is a bit too much for your system. 550 to 600W should be more than enough.

    Try either of these two, just keep in mind your Graphics card will require two 6 pin pci-e connectors.

    They will surely fit in the case,

    Yeah, components will fit comfortably in the case.
    At least find out the form factor of the motherboard you are going to use, is it ATX or Micro ATX.(use image below to see the dimensions and compare yourself)
  5. the motherboard is a CIH61C Lenovo LGA1155 Sandy Bridge Motherboard and i have bought the parts now. i cant get it to turn on because im not sure where i am supposed to put the hdd led, the power sw, the power+ and - and the reset sw. please help because im at a dead end here and its very confusing
  6. There will be letters written in small words indicating the location of the switches.
    It is a bit different for each motherboard.
    Some require the correct polarity, so the negative and positive ends must be attached to the proper terminal.

    Be careful, just because the system starts does not mean you have connected the cables properly.
    The HDD and Power LED's if they turn on are the indicator of correct polarity.

    This should help, ask if you need more help.
  7. thank you but i cant find any of these on my motherboard

    this is a picture of the motherboard, if you can please could you point out where they should be connected?
  8. I cannot see very clearly, what the labels read, so I cannot give you detailed information.

    I can tell you this though, the black panel with pins on the extreme top right side is the front panel which connects the front panel power, reset and power and HDD LED's.

    The red panel(on the right bottom side) is for the front panel audio connectors.

    The two yellowish panels with pins are for the front panel USB cables.
  9. thanks so much!! i thought i would have to buy a new motherboard!

    if you scroll down and zoom in to the second picture, you can see very clearly what is on the motherboard. if you could help me further, do you have any idea on which one is for which connector? thanks so much for what you have done so far though:)
  10. on the actual motherboard, all it says is PANEL
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    Don't mention it.

    The USB and the audio connectors are easy as they should be labelled.
    If they aren't you will have to figure out which is which based on where they connect to on the cabinet.

    The challenge is the front panel, though it is usually labelled on the motherboard....look very closely, use a magnifying glass if possible.
    Is the photo accurate?
    I found another one with another panel on the top side of the motherboard beside the one I that the case for your motherboard?

    Would you have a motherboard manual by any chance?
    (This is usually mentioned on such manuals)
  12. they arent labelled but i will try to see where they connect to, and the photo is accurate, my motherboard doesnt have another panel next to it. also, i dont have manual and i have tried to find it on the internet but i cant find one unfortunately
  13. it doesnt have any labels at all apart from a plus above one of the pins, is this where the power+ goes?
  14. it has started, but it now says no operating system found. press any key to repeat boot sequence
  15. Format the system drive and install your preferred OS. That is usually done after any major hardware change.
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