Best graphic card under 325$

which will be the best graphic card under 325$ or 18000 INR
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  1. the best is hd 7870 2gb xt version
  2. Well in the US it's a 7950 or 660ti for $300. But I just looked at and the only thing I could find under 18,000 INR was a 7870.
  3. India is shit with all the taxes and shit the original price of any produtc for example is 1$ after coming to india including all the shotty taxes it will be 3 $
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    ^ that is local store it is available at rs 15500-16500
  5. Then I suppose the OP should go to a local store. In America it's the opposite. It would cost less from an online retailer than it would from a local shop.
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