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Here's my situation. I have a Cisco SG300 switch with a bunch of VLANS configured, and I have static route which connect to my Linksys WRT54G. Everything works fine. However, I need to do some port forwarding to a subnet(vlan) thats only my switch. The Linksys does not allow this, port forwarding is only one a local subnet.

I bought this Buffalo N600 with DD-WRT installed, because the sales guy told me it would work. The port forwarding part of it does work, but any client thats on a VLAN cannot get out to the internet. Buffalo support had no idea and DD-WRT forum said its not possible.

I know a Cisco RV180W can do what I'm looking to do, but wasn't sure if anyone knew of a better option? I've heard the Cisco RV devices aren't that great.

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  1. VLANs don't traverse bridges, so as long as the port with the uplink to router is on the same VLAN as the clients, that should work...
    Ideally you would use a routing device that has two or more "inside" ethernet ports configured - one for the dedicated port forwarding to the correct port on the switch, and a separate one for general internet access. From what you describe and a quick web search I don't think that's possible as I think the N600 cannot address the ports individually.
    I'm not that familiar with Cisco, but make sure the uplink port is a member of the client VLANS you want internet access for, and experiment with tagging - should be OFF for that port (but I'm thinking in Nortel terms - Cisco may label differently!).
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