Need help on PSU

I am only upgrading a computer with the motherboard, cpu, and graphics card. I will be going with a MSI 970A AM3+ motherboard, AMD Phenom 2 x4 cpu, and an ASUS HD7790 GPU.

I am just curious as to what I will need in terms of power supply. I am using a 460w 12V coolermaster elite PSU at the moment. It has some decent reviews but really only goes up to 400w and full potential. I am just curious as to what kind of power supply I need. I am also running a 500g Western Digital Blue HDD, 2 fans (1 LED) and a CD-ROM.

Also if there is anything wrong that I might have missed that would be great! Thanks a lot
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  1. I've previously used to get an idea about what kind of PSU power I need. Usually I go for something a bit above what the site suggests, just to be sure. I hope this can answer your question.
    These are quality PSU's and will give you more power than you'll need. You'll also have enough if you want to buy a higher end card later on. Or you can buy one of these if you want to save money, they are also good units, but they won't give you any extra power.
  3. Alright thanks a lot for the answers.

    I used the calculator and it said 384w would be fine for what I have but I am a little nervous if it would kill my computer.

    From that I would like to upgrade my PSU. Do you know if there is anything a little cheaper than the xfx that is also high quality?

    Thanks again
  4. The Antec isn't bad. Otherwise anything with more power than that isn't going to be much cheaper unless its garbage.
  5. Thanks for the replies.

    I ended up getting a thermaltake 650w

    Got it because it was 80+ bronze and was $20 off which I thought was a great deal. Read the reviews and said it was a great PSU and I will be set for a while in terms of power supplies.

    Thanks again
  6. That's a decent PSU, can't always trust reviews though, looking at tests done on the unit is a much better way. Like I said though, those units do just fine in tests so no worries.
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