Worth upgrading from phenom II x4 965 to Intel 3rd gen?.

Hello everyone i am currently using phenom II x4 965 at 3.4 stock only.

I play games like BF 3,AC 3,bioshock infinite,Tomb Raider,all latest games.

my current specs are

1) phenom II x4 965 at 3.4 ghz stock(tried OC but unstable at 3.9 to 4.0ghz).
2) asus DC II 670 GTX.
3) 4 GB DDR-3 Ram.
4)Gigabyte 890 FX UD-7 MotherBoard.
5)Benq 23 inch full hd 1080p monitor

So will this current config bottleneck my gpu performance in gaming?.

How much performance gain will i see if i upgrade to intel 3rd gen cpu and is it worth the cost?.

do i need to upgrade anything else to get max performance?.

Thank you.
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  1. no mostly.i suggest fx 8350 or i5 or may be fx 6300
  2. I would agree that a FX-8350 is a better option.
  3. I'd suggest getting 8gb of RAM, the fastest your Mobo can support
  4. The FX8350 is easily as good or better than any i5 and trades blows with the i7s...and it's winning more and more benchmarks as time passes, software will catch up to hardware soon, and the FX8350 will be shown for what it really is...ahead of it's time.

    The FX8350 will be the better bet for you...and you will have a direct upgrade path to steamroller in the future if you want to upgrade again. All current intel sockets are dead (except 2011 but the boards are outrageous and the chips are even worse).
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