High temps recently.

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Lately I have noticed a high temperature even when sitting at the desktop. I used to idle at 35C, and over the past month or so it has climbed to around 60C. I upgraded the graphics card in September 2012. Playing some of the more recent games (ex: Saint's Row 3, Skyrim, Torchlight 2) can cause the temps to hang around 90C. Even some of the older games (Divine Divinity, Sacred 2) have higher temperatures than I would like, and last night I hit 92C playing Titan's Quest.

I did clean out my case a couple of nights ago - luckily for me, it is near spotless. Ran some compressed air through the case and fans anyway. I do have a small desk fan pointed at the side vent, and my room temperature is around 72F with the weather having just started to get warmer here in Ohio.

I've done my own forum research over the past few weeks before posting here. People were confident that these temps on a GTX 560ti were perfectly normal. I didn't start to worry until (as mentioned above) the temps started to climb at the desktop while idle. I turned up the fan speed in MSI Afterburner to 75% and temp only dropped from 60C to 48C. It did not get any lower even after about ten minutes. I finally put the fan speed back to 40% where it usually is, and the temp went back up to 60C and sat there.

I'm going to take it in to a repair shop for a checkup, but wanted to post here first. I did recently update to the latest Nvidia WHQL drivers - have no idea if that could have anything to do with this. Due to temp issues, I can no longer play any of my high end games.


Here is my system - purchased in April 2010. The only changes are graphics card to Zotac AMP GTX560ti, 12GB RAM and new PSU:


This is the PSU (which sounds like an angry bee or mouse with a chainsaw in my case. Very loud at times! But I digress.):


Thanks in advance. Please let me know if any questions or clarification is needed.
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  1. Hi,
    Temps you are experiencing are not normal or good at all. You should not experience temps higher than 75C for long life, and those can be achieved without problem.

    How fast does your fan spins when you get 90C?
    It may be that something has been overclocked, and/or fan is sitting at 40% during full load.
  2. Hello,

    Yes the Zotac AMP edition of this card is standard overclocked by Zotac. However, I did underclock it back to factory specification settings using MSI Afterburner. Even when the fan is set manually to a higher %, it does not seem to help whether I am at the desktop or in game. I manually set the fan to MSI's maximum of 75% when the card was idling at 60C at the desktop, and still couldn't get the temp to cool down much. I can tell by the pitch of my fan what temps I'm in range of before even checking MSI. My "fan curve" profile also will not initiate within the program.
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