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Hello, I'm looking for the SINGLE BEST monitor for FPS/RTS/RPG gaming. I want it to have the best refresh rate, response time, input lag and resolution out there. There is not a budget, and be assured that I will have some ultimate gfx cards to go with this (4 GeForce Titans hooked up for 4-way SLI). I don't care as much about the panel or viewing angles, but I will have this hooked into a 6-monitor setup.
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  2. refresh rate: 120hz, responce rate: 2ms, 3d enabled: true using nvidia 3d vision 2.
  3. Sam0oneau-1295699 said:
    refresh rate: 120hz, responce rate: 2ms, 3d enabled: true, active 3d: nvidia 3d vision 2

    Hi :)

    He didn't mention 3D...

    All the best Brett :)
  4. So.... I've heard about 1440p res, is that out there as well?
  5. Sadly you can't delete posts, but brett's monitor is defiantly better.
  6. Actually, I have read online, and I believe there is no 1440p 120 hz monitor, so I'll be going with brett's. Thanks for your help!
  7. one of those 1440p IPS korean monitors will be the best choise, having 1 or 10 ms response is the same, you just can't notice that
  8. This Iiyama does not support Lightboost. It may have a low input lag, it'll never overcome fixed LCD turnover timings.

    You can apply a registry hack or simple trick to enable Lightboost in non-3D environments. This eliminates the normal physical LCD pixel cooldown, which allows you to experiene near CRT refresh speeds.

    Other monitors may claim to support 1ms timings, I'd like to see some high speed videos that prove this.

    *update* forgot my submission: Asus VG278HE. Lightning fast and supports Lightboost.
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