Clock Speed Fluctuating on Core Temp gadget

Hey guys, i recently built my own PC and I've installed some programs/gadgets to keep track of the performance.

I was recently watching my Core Temp gadget while the computer was sitting idle. I noticed it drop from the 3.4GHz to 2.8GHz to 1.6GHz. It would then constantly jump back and forth, going up ad back down.

It's understandable that while sitting idle it would drop down (i ran Prime95 and it jumped back to 3.4GHz). I'm simply wondering why when completely idle it would jump around so much and not stay constant?

I may sound stupid for wanting to know this. Sorry if it's a ridiculous thing to ask.

Thanks for your inputs.
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  1. it may be coretemp its self , i once had a problem were it was showing some crazy clock speeds , try installing something like hardware monitor and see what that says , and if it still shows some boggus frequency jumps then it might just be the cpu trying to deal with background programs
  2. if you have an Intel CPU the most likely culprit is a power saving feature called "speed Step". "Speedstep" will downclock the CPU to 1.6 ghz to save power when the extra frequency is not needed.

    SpeedStep combined with Intel turbo core features will fluctuate frequency either up or down dependinding on processor demand at the time. This is perfectly normal.
  3. Oh and just to answer your last question on why when sitting idle frequency will jump around this is due to backround processes and is perfectly normal
  4. This is called "cool & quiet mode" speed and power will drop when it's not being used. Don't worry about it, it's effect on performance is near nothing. It's benefits are greater.
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