Im buying parts to build a new computer and need advice about these 2 builds

Im currently shopping online to buy parts for a new computer and was looking for advice on which of these 2 builds is better and anything i should change. Also I have no microcenter near me and i would rather buy from amazon and newegg than other sites.

First Build=

Second Build=
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  1. I might mix and match.
    1. Any Z77 based motherboard will be good; pick the least expensive one.
    2. The 3570K does not benefit from faster ram than 1600. Buy the vengeance.
    3. For gaming, the graphics card is most important, pick the 7970.
    I like the direct exhaust coolers of the EVGA GTX670 cards better :
    4. Seasonic is excellent, 500w is sufficient for the GTX670, go 550w for the 7970.
    For $5 more, I would look at this SeaSonic S12II 620
    5. For a slightly higher price, look for a monitor with a IPS panel and 178/178 viewing angle like this:
    6. A build with your budget screams for a SSD for at least the os and a few games.
    120gb will do it. With 240gb, you may never need a hard drive at all, and can at least defer it until you do.
    Look at Samsung 840 series for reliability.
    $100 for 120gb, $190 for 240gb.
    7. The asus dvd has worked fine for me.
  2. get this instead of both of the ones listed above
  3. if you are not going to run more than 1 card in the system, grab a xfx 550w
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