Best graphics card and CPU for DayZ and games alike

Ok so I have a ok computer i think. It was originally a gateway computer model # dx4860-ub21p. So I have a Intel Core i5 2300 2.8GHz in it. I know some games are CPU intensive and some are GPU intensive. I also know that DayZ is a hard game for a PC to run. So here are my specs

1920x1080 monitor
8gb of DDR3 ram
HAF 932 advanced case
CPU is stated
GIGABYTE HD 7870 ( not yet OC'ed)
Corsair 500w PSU

What is bottle necking me. I know my GPU is good ( or at least decent). I am recording my gameplay but, i should get better than 25 FPS. Iv tweaked the settings and when im just running around alone. i get 45-60FPS. But as soon as a player or zombie comes near. Bye Bye FPS. What do yall think. My friend has a GPU worse than mine and a CPU that is a little better and gets a rock solid 45-60 FPS.

PS- yes i know some people hate some brand graphics cards. But please dont hijack this thread about what brand is better.

Thanks for the input!
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  1. Basically is my CPU bottle necking my GPU?
  2. Your i5 2300 2.8 is your bottleneck more or less, as you stated, Nvidia will give you a higher FPS with the majority of games but they are also nearly double the price. I too have a Radeon HD7870 but have an i7 3770K which runs the game at about 60 FPS whilst recording in cities, 70-80 in all other instances. I would say personally, an OC is not even needed... Maybe just a new OC.

    If you are not looking to pick up an i7, as it is not exactly needed unless you will be doing much rendering/graphical works, I would pick up a i5 3570k for about 220 bucks.

    It would easily be cheaper than a new GPU and it also would 100% cure your problem, as a higher tier GPU will run you about 400-600 bucks and may not even be the problem.
  3. Your CPU is bottlenecking. Get a better CPU like an i5-3570k.

    Your 7870 is good you can overclock it easily to squeeze more frames in your games.
  4. ok. So if i get a way better CPU. it should get me way better FPS. Iv been told i can change the CPU on my mother board. Is it hard to change?
  5. also, I may sell my CPU and MOB to a friend. What a good motherboard thats not to expensive.
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    Your motherboard has a LGA 1155 CPU socket that is compatible with the i5-3570k. You may change to the new CPU without having to get a new board.

    But if you get a new board anyway, the Asrock Z77 Extreme4 is excellent value for a gaming board.

    It's not hard to change the CPU, or at least not as much of a hassle as reinstalling everything onto a new board. It might be daunting for a first timer but its actually quite straight-forward. Just look at the connector of each device and the connector on the board. A small philips screwdriver is enough to get everything installed. You will also need to get thermal paste if you are reusing your old heatsink.
  7. i have to get a new board cause im gonna sell him my board. So any cheaper options? MicroATX, is that cheap. I have that now. Is doesnt have to be top of the line. Im MIGHT overclock later.
  8. So, why cant i just use a $50-70 Motherboard. Im sure they are better quality than the stock motherboard. Sorry I dont know what makes the more pricey motherboards better. i just need something that runs the CPU fine and fits Corsair Vengeance Ram ( not to close to CPU or GPU), a medium size CPU cooler, and a large 7870 GPU.
  9. Those will work but they use the older Intel B75 chipset. You'l lose out on some features that might not be of concern to you.
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