[WinXP] From IDE to AHCI - Reinstall not an option

Alright, I've got quite a problem.

I'm trying to make Windows XP run in AHCI mode, as it is currently in IDE mode. I would have installed it with AHCI enabled in the bios, but nLite just didn't work. I got a whole host of problems from my computer refusing to boot from the USB drive I "mod'd" correctly, to a blue screen telling me that the installer can't find EULA.txt on a CD version.

Would've just F6'd during the install, but I don't have a floppy drive, nor do I have a floppy disk.

Anyway, I've decided to install XP under IDE mode, and I've found a bazillion guides on the 'net detailing how to switch without reinstalling.
There were two different methods; replacing the driver for "Primary IDE Channel" in device manager, and editing the registry entries for "msahci" and "pciide".

Neither worked.

Replacing the driver (Or updating, as device manager put it) did absolutely nothing. Even after reboot, it was still using the default microsoft driver.

Editing the registry entries is pointless for me; I don't have an entry for "msahci", though I do for "pciide".

So, here I am, asking for help. Anybody got any help tae offer for this? Or am I doomed to never having NCQ's performance benefits?

If it makes any difference, my motherboard is an "Asrock M3N78-D AM3 NForce 720D".

Thanks in advance.
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  1. with regular drive, there is nothing wrong about running the drive in native mode. All the feature AHCI gives are not needed, and don't affect performance. NCQ are mostly needed with server work, and normal desktop don't really need it. With SSD, advanced command like trim are needed thou.

    If it run well, just let is as it is. You are not loosing anything. Except some time trying to figure how to use AHCI..
  2. Still, I'd like to get AHCI working, if nothing else, for the feature of hot-swappable e-sata ports, which alone also makes it worth having XP in AHCI mode.

    Anybody else got a response? Pwease?
  3. then, set ahci in BIOS, boot as safe mode, install NVIDIA drivers for the chipset, and reboot. Might work
  4. That gives a blue screen. Due to it not recognizing the HDD in AHCI mode. Egh.
  5. but now, you should have the entry to edit in registry
  6. Best answer

    assuming you can still boot in IDE/ATA mode

    try running this script fix_hdc.cmd

    more details at

    if you can't boot up in safe mode Try booting up using a BartPE CD or ubcd4win CD (or bootable usb memory stick)

    ubcd4win includes this useful utility along with some Intel chipset AHCI drivers

    This utility automates removing the old hard disk controller drivers which cause the ox0000007B BSOD


    Mike Barnes
  7. Oddly enough, I just installed my motherboard's drivers, did a restart, changed bios to AHCI, and it works fine now. Didn't have to do any registry thingies or anything.

    That is just so easy, I think there might be something wrong 0_o

    But thanks anyway, fellas! I'm sure these tips will help somebody if they have a similar problem.
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