VTX3D Black Edition Radeon HD 7870 (Tahiti LE) OC 2GB GDDR5 Graphics Card problems

Hi my problem actually goes back an entire year, I'll try keep this brief while been as informative as I can.
Around a year ago AMD released a driver for my then card the Radeon 6870 Hd this caused a whole world of problems and created manic flickering on desktop and 2d (not games) environments on max resolution 1680x1050,

After a week of trying to fix the isssue I ended up having to roll back my drivers and have been stuck on old drivers ever since.
Yesterday I made a new purchase from AMD Graphics card line and got the VTX3D Black Edition Radeon HD 7870 (Tahiti LE) OC 2GB GDDR5 Graphics Card.

After updating the drivers after installation the problem persists but is much worse on the new card. (This does not effect games appart from menu's jumping up and down.) One way to remedy it is to reduce screen resolution but it really doesn't look very nice. I tried the old trick of going back to a previous driver, this does fix the issue but programs can no longer detect my card sensors and my AMD CCC no longer detects my card as present so I'm unable to remedy the situation as i did with my previous card.

This has been a really frustrating experience, the card works fine within games on max res with no issue but drivers seem to really interfere with my 2d environments and making me incredibly frustrated. Do you please have a fix for this before I lose my mind? Thanks for reading and I look forward to a response. Cheers, Robert. =)
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  1. what tool are you using to uninstall the drivers(overwriting them tends to be one of the leading causes of driver problems)
  2. I'm using Driver sweeper, I hate the programme as it removes to much but at least I know it's effective.
  3. Try uninstalling it with the catalyst uninstall utility

    be sure to check control panel as well, I think it doesnt uninstall CAP profiles
  4. Ahh you beat me to it, After rolling back my drivers i went to the AMD support site and used that tool to do the removal after uninstalling CCC from programs and features with the express uninstall option. I sent a support ticket to amd but as it is the weekend I'll have to wait for them to respond with the verdict after i sent my DXdiag.
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