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Hey everyone, I know I'm new here but I've found a lot of help on these forum boards so I was hoping maybe someone could help me out.

I am very new to the world of overclocking but after reading a lot about it I feel like I've gotten something of grasp on it. I have an Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe board and an Intel i7 3770K on air and using the Asus Bios I have gotten it to what I believe is a stable overclock of ~4700mHz. I've been running it there for a while now and pushing it there with benchmarks and games and it seems to have no real issues, I don't think temps have even reached 60C. I may try and push it further when I get more comfortable but for now I am satisfied.

My question is this, even if it is stable am I still reducing the lifetime of my CPU by running it at overclock/overvolt? Also, I want the overclock for gaming and intensive stuff but I also do a lot of really basic web programming work that doesn't require horsepower like that. Is there a way to use TurboV EVO or a similar programming to alternate between overclock and stock state?

I don't want to overclock with TurboV, I figured out how to do it with the BIOS because I gathered that was the better way to do it. I just want to use some software to have an underclock profile that I can quickly flip on or off which sets the setting more akin to stock. That way I can alternate between overclock and "safer" mode without rebooting my computer. Is that possible?
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  1. Also if anyone has a good monitoring tool for temps, frequencies, etc. that they use that I can leave up on a second monitor while I game, I would really appreciate some suggestions. Right now I'm using the Probe/Sensor combo in AI Suite II because it came with my mobo but I'm not thrilled with it and from what I've been reading I'm not sure if its actually very good at its job.
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    Left to it's own, speedstep will reduce the clock rat to 1.6 if there is little to do. Leave it enabled.

    Your 4.7 seems a bit high for a conservative overclock.
    Perhaps you lucked out with a very good binned chip.
    Do you really need that much?
    I would only oc so far as the chip will let you when leaving all the voltage settings on auto.
    If your voltage levels are conservative, you will reduce your exposure to premature failure.
    That might be more like 4.4 .

    For a nice monitor, look at speedfan.
  3. Definitely didn't disable speedstep, sounds like that's all I need so that's good.

    I did actually have it overvolted a little, I found someone with the same setup as me posting about what worked for them so I tried it to. I turned it back to auto and 4.5 and it seems to be running fine. I guess I could try and push it to 4.6 without overvolting but you're right, that's probably too much anyway. I'll just pick 4.5 or 4.4 and stick with it.

    And speedfan looks pretty cool too, I'll give that a whirl. Thanks for your help!
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