HELP. CM Storm Quickfire TK keyboard doesn't work?

Okay, so I'm a newbie at computer techs and stuff, maybe this can be solved easily. So I just bought a CM Storm Quickfire TK keyboard and the LED lights are not working? I plugged it into my laptop to see if it works or not. The only led lights that turn on are the arrow keys. The other keys do not turn on at all no matter how many time i pressed the f keys that turn on the lights. Also the f keys/media keys at the top does not work. Could I had have a faulty keyboard? Or does plugging the keyboard to specific usb ports have something to do with it? Does the keyboard not work on laptops? I try testing out the media keys on windows media player by playing a song. When i press on the f key with the forward it mutes the volume. Shouldn't it increase the volume? When I click the f key that has a speaker and an x on it, it doesn't mute the volume but increase the volume. The f keys seem to be out of place. Do i need to update the keyboard? What can be the problem? I bought the keyboard off Amazon. Should I return the keyboard?
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  1. i never used the media controls, but you have to hold fn to use the backlighting. or you could hold down fn for 3 seconds to go into fn-lock mode, and then press the backlighting buttons
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