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Hey guys, I'm having a pretty major problem with my PC or more specifically my Sapphire HD 7870 Ghz edition video card at the moment. Basically nearly every time I play a game, after what can be 30 mins-few hours, My pc will crash on to one of a few screens. Either completely black, orange with vertical lines, yellow with vertical lines or white with vertical lines. I don't think there is anything specific that causes the crashes because at first I thought it was anti aliasing as i noticed I was running all my games on 4x aa but then that went out of the window when I ran BF3 on ultra high settings for the length of the campaign. then I realised razer game booster was launching with my games automatically and thought that might have been causing it, and to be fair I went a whole 2 days after I uninstalled it but then It happened again whilst playing Gotham city impostors.

Quick notes: I have only had the GPU about a month and a half.
I did a fresh install of windows 2 weeks ago so i don't think i need driver sweeper or anything.
I have not overclocked or touched any of the gpu's clocks at all.
And lastly I have monitored the cards temps and while gaming it maxes between 55-60 degrees max.

Honestly I am thinking of requesting a replacement on the warranty but I thought It would be best to ask some experts first. Please help!
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    not powerful enough PSU / defective card
  2. chromic said:
    not powerful enough PSU / defective card
    Defective card it must be then. My PSU is silverstone strider 600w which should be plenty enough to power my system as it isn't exactly high end. Well thanks for confirming my fears good sir.
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