How much better will Haswell be over Sandy Bridge?

Will it be worth an upgrade over my 2 year old 2600k with a 4.5 overclock? Other than running cooler being more efficient.
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  1. No, it won't be worth upgrading.
    Tom's has already previewed the 4770k:,3461.html

    And it won't run cooler, your CPU is soldered. Intel switched to thermal paste on the 3 gen and when OC'd they do get toasty, 4th gen will prob be the same.
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  3. I wouldn't say so, performance gains over sandy bridge were marginal in ivy bridge, and the same is supposed to be true for Haswell. I'd just wait until later to upgrade.
  4. Tom's have a performance preview here:,3461.html
    They compare it to the 2700K, pretty similar to yours. It's a similar step from Sandy to Ivy again by the look of things, generally a pretty modest 7-10% increase at similar clocks. The integrated graphics takes another significant step forward, but that's irrelevant for you unless you're using quicksync. Also there's native USB3 & SATA 3 with the CPU (six of each I believe - don't quote me!) But again, if you have a high end motherboard you probably already have everything you need in those departments.
    The big unknown at this stage is how's it going to overclock. I don't think that's question's going to be answered until numbers of people get their hands on retail chips and share their experiences. If I was you, I'd be waiting until a couple months after release to see the OC trends before upgrading.
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