Know a good gaming Graphic Card around $200

Hi, I'm planning to buy parts to assemble my first PC and was wondering if any of you know a really great graphic card that is around $200. I looked around New Eggs and couldn't decide on quite a couple.

So far I'm looking at 7850/7870 HIS Ice and GTX 650 Ti Boost.

I would like it to surpass the PS4/720 ability. along with lasting for quite a few year. If the card can run PhysX without too much performance drain, that's a +.

My current spec that I chose so far is as followed:

As I said, this is only what I have chosen so far so not all are listed.
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  1. HD 7870 XT, best price/performance card in the market at moment.
  2. get 2 - 4gig sticks instead of 1 - 8gig stick. I would go for the 7870 also.
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