Wifi not working after reset

So my Xbox was having weird connection, so I reset the router and re set up my wifi. All the devices seemed to connect fine, but after a few days, the laptop which I used to configure the wifi stopped detecting my wifi, and is always stuck on "identifying"
Please help. I have a Lenovo laptop
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  1. I've also already tried making it so my computer is reset to an earlier date (don't remember what that's called) and resetting my wifi again.
  2. you might have an issue where your wireless adapters don't support the wireless security your set on your router. try changing to a different security protocol or set your router to open (only for testing/diagnostic purposes) and then see if your laptop can detect, then set it back to secure.
  3. If you need to get into the router with the laptop you can always use the rj45 cable and go wired till you can sort the Wi-Fi settings out.
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