Which brand is best for a new laptop...

So I'm a student on a tight budget, but also really need a new laptop as my current laptop is overheating way too much in this summer heat and performing worse and worse.
I'm looking for a few things:

-Price. Max at $550-600, so no fancy laptops for me.
-Ease of repair/replacement.
-Design. Thin and light preferred.
-Power. No Atom, no Pentium or AMD A6 and below, any gen. Any intel i-Series from 2nd gen upwards is fine for me, so is A8 upwards, any gen.

I don't mind if it's an old model at all, or if I have to use eBay.
I'm only looking for suggestion on the model, then I can go look for the best price myself out there.
Also, preferable WINDOWS 7. I simply cannot stand windows 8 UI not on a tablet.

My own thoughts so far:
I don't mind the brand, but I love HP's design -I love that clean metal look- and HP seem to be the only brand with the best prices.
I want a dedicated graphics card. No need for the fancy ones as I don't game, I just want one for future-proof purposes.

I can buy a lower, cheaper model then find better parts and replace them myself, if it means I can get something better for cheaper. I've taken out laptops multiple times, and have some experience of this.

I do like AMD, as they offer good integrated graphics and CrossFire if there's an AMD dedicated gpu. But I wouldn't mind intel or nVidia either.

THANKS in advance
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  1. Being a former student myself, I had upto 100 browser windows open. Sometimes you want those windows optional to you immediately.

    My point is go for a laptop with atleast 8gb of RAM.

    Any of the i series are good but I recommend the Ivy bridge 3rd generation. i3 and i5 are perfect even if you like to watch videos. But with an i3 gaming might be sufficient.

    Also unfortunately the supply of Windows 7 disc remaining for retail sale are running out so they are all coming with ugly Windows 8.

    I did a super super quick search on Amazon and I couldn't find a laptop with an i series CPU, 8gb RAM and 500+ GB HDD. (Although if you can ever afford it an SSD is a godsend - you can always upgrade later)

    But here is a laptop with an AMD CPU in it.. AMD may be the compromise to having the other features but they are still strong.

    But take a look around

    good luck
  2. I had a Toshiba when I was in school a few years back. It worked just great for me, and they are well within your price range. You might want to give them a look.
  3. Buy a samsung, and look for vision things. totally cheap, good video performance, but don't expect to play wings of liberty or something like that.
  4. Best answer
    Check out these laptops.

    There in your price range and pack some great specs
  5. Yup, Toshiba Satellite S855D-S5148 is a pretty good laptop for student. It allows to do lots multitasking, its also very good at audio reproduction thanks to the chambered stereo speakers and SRS Premium Sound HD technology.
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