eForCity PC Computer VGA to TV S-Video 3 RCA AV Adapter Cable

Okay, I just got an HP Pavilion F1503 monitor and I want to connect it to my Xbox 360. Well, I have found a converter that is a eForCity PC Computer VGA to TV S-Video 3 RCA AV Adapter Cable. The VGA on the monitor looks like what is a female part, and the products VGA is a male part. It has 3 RCA AV cables that come off of it. Now in my theoretical idea, that I take that product I plug it into the PC monitor then plug my Turtle Beach XL1 RCA AV cords into that, then the Xbox's RCA AV into the Turtle Beach's. My question is will that theory work? Cause if you think about it, it's putting out audio, and video at the same time. It has the required RCA Cords needed for the video its self, and the audio is going through the turtle beaches.
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  1. My not just buy a VGA cable for your 360? http://www.amazon.com/Xbox-360-VGA-HD-AV-Cable/dp/B0041D1L3W/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1365388700&sr=8-1&keywords=360+vga+cable

    Or take a gamble on one of the cheap knockoffs that are also sold on amazon.
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