New Rig Builded(In Process), need an advice please.

Hello ,

I had an post here recently asking for a new Setup, and on one the answers i have went trough as a guideline of what i need, so i have done reading the latest components whats good and whats not and came up with this :

Mobo: Asus sabertooth x79
CPU: i7 3820
ram: 16gb 1866 MHz corsair (2x8 gb kit)
Power: 850 Watt Seasonic 80 Plus Gold
GPU: ASUS GeForce GTX 680 DirectCU II OC Edition 2048MB
Primary SSD: 240 GB SanDisk
Secondary HDD: 3 TB Seagate Baracuda
CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Seidon 120M - Liquid CPU Water Cooling

Alright so, initially i wanted to go as for graphic card gtx 680 4gb , but ive realized i wont be upgrading any extra monitors so i thought 4gb might be too much of vram, but after reading soem stuff i think that some games like BF4 might be able to use up those 2gb of vram on large online maps? And also on Guild Wars 2, since i will be playing that a lot and mostly PvP . Then, i initially had 1000 Watt GPU , but i thought maybe i dont need that much as i wont be Over Clocking anything at least nothing in the near future ..

So , any questions or advice on all of this ? Thank you :)
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  1. Too much on Cpu/MB/ram/PSU.
    That GPU is not that worthy i would have to say.
    No case?
  2. TimeLass,

    Well i was thinking to have something for future games and anything that would come in the next 2-3-4 years , just to be sure..

    as for the Case, i am not sure yet .. Thing is im in Afghanistan right now, and ill be going back home in 3 months, so all of these i found on amazon and ill order them before i leave.. So i dont really know which case is a good and and which one could fit all of this nicely.. u got any advice on that ? My thoughts were a decent thermaltake, but .. I might be wrong?
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    - i5-3570K is definitely enough and can last you a few years. Or wait for the release of Haswell.
    - ASRock Z77 extreme 4 is a good board for the money.
    -8GB 1600MHz ram is enough, fast ram will only gives you 1-4 increased FPS.
    -750W is enough for the system, unless you plan to SLI/CFX in the future.
    - 680 is not that worthy, go for 670 or 7970.

    the parts that can last for a long time will be the case and PSU.

    most of the case can fit in all the parts,
    For me i prefer Fractal design R4,Silverstone's casing/Bitfenix's casing.
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