How do you search for a miles file or folder with windows 8

I can not find the search bar in windows 8 I can not remember where I put a song and I need to do a computer search.
Anybody know how to find some thing that has gone missing with windows 8
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    Two ways:

    First, go to the Start screen either by pressing the Windows key or by moving your mouse pointer to the lower left hand corner and clicking, then simply type on the start screen. Win 8 interprets anything you type while on the start screen as a search


    move your mouse pointer to either corner on the right-hand side (or swipe in from the right if you have touch) to open the Charms menu, and select the one that looks like a magnifying glass. This will open the Search function and give you a search box
  2. Ctrl+R -> explorer.exe
    The search bar is right next to your current folder
  3. Thor brings up a third possibility, though you don't need to go through such gymnastics to open Explorer (clicking the icon on the taskbar that looks like a folder will acheive the same thing without going to CTRL-R and entering explorer.exe)

    Note that if you do a search from within File Explorer, it restricts the search to the current folder. It's fine if you are in Computer or the C drive when you type into the search box in file explorer, as this will search the entire system. If you are in a subfolder only that folder will be searched from within explorer though. Either of the first two methods I mentioned are global (search the entire PC)
  4. Install this:

    or buy this:

    You'll thank me later.
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