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Hi all,
I am upgrading a lot of my system and plan to use it heavily for gaming, and want it to be prepared for the new top notch games coming out over the next few years as well.
I am to replace my motherboard, cpu, get more ram, replace my psu and get another graphics card and cpu cooler.

My current case which is a aerocool cyborg x case should be fine so ill keep it, i have a solid state for my os, and 2 other 1 tb hard drives.

I am looking to purchase an Asus rampage IV motherboard, but i cant decide whether to get the 3770k ivy bridge or the 3820 sandy bridge. Keep in mind ill probably overclock it to at least 4ghz, and i want a good cpu and therefore a motherboard that will get me through the next few years of good gaming. Im just looking at either the 3770k or 3820, no others, so im wondering if its only worth getting the 3820 just for the fact that i would need a 2011 mobo which will future proof me for a while, but if its not really worth it then id go the 3770k.

The graphics card ill get is the gtx 680 4gb card by asus, evga or gigbyte, and will in the future buy another so i will sli, but only 1 for the meantime.

RAM i will get 2 8gb sticks of 2400 so i should be set with it for a while, its the G.skill trident sticks.

My PSU ill get a corsair 860i as i was informed it should be enough for everything, as well as when i eventually sli.

For the CPU cooler i was looking at getting one of the prefilled water coolers so it doesnt take up RAM slots that ill want to use, i was looking at the corsair prefilled H80i.

I would appreciate thoughts on all of this, help with determining which cpu i should go for, if the psu is sufficient enough for my desires and thoughts on the cpu cooler, as well as just any thoughts on this that might help me.

Any input would be much appreciated, as i intend to max all graphics on any game atm!
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  1. The price difference between the 2011 and 1155 has narrowed a lot. A 3770 and 3820 may only be $50 to 100. I'll go the 2011 route. The 1155 improvement has ended. There's still life in the 2011. I'll also look at the Corsair and other duo rad coolers.
  2. Cause im in Australia this is the best website to buy parts off, and i cant decide which motherboard to get, keeping in mind im getting a 3820 and i want to eventually sli 680's.
    This is the page of the motherboards and i dont want to spend more than $500 max:
  3. are you using a muilti monitor setup?
  4. Yeah of course lol, have 2 24inch.
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