Radeon HD 7970 GPU, possible GPU problems?

Hello, I have been having a ton of graphics problems, anywhere from objects being created in a game, to pixels such as above on my desktop while running a game. I am not sure what the problem comes from exactly. So I decided to ask the community what the issue most likely is.

The Pixels as shown above are constantly changing depending on what is being viewed on my monitor, at the moment they are stuck on my screen. It can often show up in black and white spikes on my screen.

I have searched for a solution to my issue for quite sometime and haven't had any luck finding a sure fire answer as to what the problem is. Everything I am running is brand new and my computer ranks maximum aside from my hard drive, which is a 1TB hard drive... the only reason for this is because i accidently broke my SSD and havent been able to replace it lol.

I would appreciate it if someone learned on this issue could shed some light on it, and be sure that the problem is what is being stated.

If someone learned on the issue at hand can have me run through some troubleshooting steps to try and rule things out that are most likely the case I would be willing to try it.


EDIT: I hooked my computer up through an HD cable to my 50" LED and the pixels are still on the screen exactly as they were on my monitor.
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    remove the gpu and see if pixels issue doesnot exist,then gpu maybe damaged ,replace it.
  2. Can i just switch the connection to my motherboard from my monitor?
  3. yes
  4. Alright, I tried switching the cables, but my monitor wont show up anything because I uninstalled the intel driver. So I plugged my monitor back into my GPU and tried installing the drivers, however, it wont allow me to install the drivers and says my system does not meet the minimum requirements. "Intel® HD Graphics Driver for Windows 7* and Windows 8* 64 (zip)" which is what my system falls under.
  5. yes if your gpu is activated then how you can install intel drivers?.it is better to remove the gpu and attach cables to onborad
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