upgrading computer, cpu or gpu?

Im looking to upgrade my computer in the next few weeks. I currently have a decent rig that handles most games quite well but im looking for some extra punch. Now, to the question. I have an amd phenom II x4 840 and a gtx 560. I have the funds to buy either an intel 3570k and an intel mobo OR a gtx 660 or possibly a 660ti. Which would give me the most improvement for the money? At first glance i thought the 660 (want better graphics = upgrade gpu), but im worried about potential bottle-necking from my sub-par cpu if i upgrade my gpu. Thanks in advance for any thoughts and recommendations.
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    Right now your graphics I'd bottleneckng you so I'd recommend a new GPU, however after the new GPU your CPU will begin to be the bottleneck so I the near future I'd recommend a new processor/mobo.
  2. Yea I agree, video card upgrade and new processor in the near future. Overclocking the phenom should help to alleviate any bottle-necking.
  3. Yep. As people said, an upgrade to the graphics is what you're looking for.

    However, I suggest you save till you can afford the 660ti, as that will be a MUCH more noticeable upgrade.
  4. Id say there both of the same importance.Take your pick really.If it were me id upgrade the cpu first but thats just me
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