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Goodmorning Toms community tomorrow ill get to order a new graphic card and im between 2 vgas that got me intrested and im here to ask you your opinion :)

1st is Gigabyte HD 7870 OC Overclock version (1100mhz core - 1200mhz mem)
2nd is Club 3D HD 7870 XT Joker card (975mhz core - 1500mhz mem)

I know the differences between them, that one is ciptrain and other is tahiti le witch performs a bit better and favors 28nm gpu structure with most likely gives 7950 performance and it costs less. (according to amazon.co.uk)

My problem is that at amazon the reviews about club 3d is like that its very noisy and some of them having random crashes and unstability, im pretty sure that it might be psu problem but i still need to know if anyone has it and can tell me the true.

Gigabyte favors the windforce 3 cooling solution with 3 fans and it keeps the vga and vram way cooler than club 3d that its not cooling the vram with the heatsink at all, just the air that flows from the 1 fan,

I want to mention that i play only world of warcraft and ship simulator extreme. so i guess any of these 2 vga will be overkill for both games, but i rly care about noise and temp on my card, i feel more comfortable knowing that the large heatsink of gigabyte cools the ram and the gpu with 3 fans and the heatsink that touches both over them, and a bit uncomfortable when the club 3d only cools the gpu with its heatsink and not the vram. my case is rly good when it comes to air solution as it has 6 fans inside witch makes a nice flow and keeps it cool inside.

Im really into the gigabyte as i dont care about the slightly more performance of the tahiti le witch i see that its not so stable sometimes.

I want your opinion to this matter and thank you a lot in advance!
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  1. I'd just get the Gigabyte 7870 if you want the reliability. Besides, like you said, they're both more than sufficient for what you want to play.
  2. Personally I would get the Gigabyte it has 3 Fans and great cooling and can be overclocked even higher if needed as for noise levels watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YadFrQgCTw It is a 7950 but has the same cooling solution as the 7870 it starts to get quite loud over 60% on the fans but you shouldn't have to raise the fans any higher then 50%. I just bought a gigabyte 7950 myself which should come Tuesday or Wednesday. I chose the gigabyte one because i have read lots of good reviews about them. I guess it's just up to personal preference i have heard the club 3D is also a quiet card but i would definitely go for the extra cooling and stability.

    Hope this helped.
  3. Thanks a lot guys!!!

    Ye Gigabyte sounds better with this cooling solution, and i dont play any demanding games at all, even tho this card still can play demanding games but i dont like FPS games only mmorpg :D

    Ill go for it as it will be in stock in 2 days , and ye i plan to oc it a bit at least to 1200mhz the core and 1250-1300mhz the mem. i was so confused about the tahiti le but i have come up with fairly a bit of some problems regarding the tahiti le and unstability and i got scared..
  4. Np glad we could help. Hope you like it.
  5. Two things to keep in mind:

    1) Even with poor cooling, Tahiti LE is going to outperform a 7870 GHz, even after both are overclocked.

    2) Gigabyte has poor customer service and their warranty does not cover overclocking.

    EDIT: Also, where are you seeing issues with the reliability of the 7870XT? I haven't run across this - everything I've seen says it's a reliable chip.
  6. DarkSable said:
    Two things to keep in mind:

    1) Even with poor cooling, Tahiti LE is going to outperform a 7870 GHz, even after both are overclocked.

    2) Gigabyte has poor customer service and their warranty does not cover overclocking.

    Firstly i was so into to get Club 3d and the 7870 xt joker card but i saw many people complaining for unstability issues and crashes all over, 2-3 out of 10 had major problem and they refunded or replaced with a new one, and i do care about the noise lvls alot and temps.
  7. Dark even here in toms i have see people complaining about crashes and freezes while doing benchmarks with the club 3d joker card, the temp goes rly high especialy in vram that doesnt have a cooling solution at all, only the single fan and the air it provides it cools the vram when gigabytes hetsink is maded to touch vram and gpu accordingly with 3 fans in it , for some people the joker card it works like a charm for some not, but i have never ever saw a single negative about the gigabyte windforce 7870 oc edition, nowhere, thats why i got scared about the club 3d and i dont wanna end up RMAing to get new one cuz its time consuming , i dont care about the benchmark scores with is slightly beter than the ciptrain, i care to play world of warcraft and ship simulator to max settings, and i play on 1080p so getting a tahiti le at this point is not benefit me at all, trust me i wanted to get the tahiti le for the challenge and for the part that its same price if not cheaper than ciptrain vgas but i just dont know :SSSS
  8. Ok :D What about the sapphire 7870 xt ? you guys think it will do? ill search a bit for this card , i do want tahiti le but havent yet search for sapphire, ill do it right away, i saw it has active cooling for vram and 2 fans in the heatsink, i think its beter than club 3d joker card, but a bit more expensive, i might end up getting sapphire, i need to make more research though.

    Any advice is welcome.
  9. Damn i jumped on sapphires forums and i see loads of people complaining about the XT version, ill just get the ciptrain witch is more stable and no complains at all, seeing the tahiti le slightly stronger but more errors and faulty cards made up my mind.
  10. Haha, okay then.
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