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my old computer has a foxconn G3MO2 motherboard i have updated the bios to the most current version when my computer starts up i can only go into the set up i can never really get to the bios by pressing delete its a phoenix award bios i need to overclock as i am getting my new graphical card Thursday a 7770HD.. my cpu is a intel pentium E2220 2.4ghz
when i get into the bios there is no overclocking selection at all please help me!
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  1. To be frank, you have a bad motherboard paired with an old CPU. The 7770 is going to be bottlenecked no matter what. It may not be able to overclock after all...

    What I suggest yo to do is buy a relatively cheap Intel Celeron G860, and pair it with a B75 motherboard. This should cost roughly $130, and it will not bottleneck the 7770.

    Hope this helps.
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