Looking into a new keyboard. Need some opinions

So im looking into buying a mechanical keyboard and from what ive looked at the ones that most interest me is the Gigabyte Osmium


or the CMstorm Trigger


Both of these keyboards use cherry mx red switches but I think at my local frys they sell the trigger with the browns. I just want an opinion if anyone here has or has tried these keyboards. I play alot of league of legends, bf3, CS:GO. So just needs some other opinions.
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  1. I have this:


    It's loud as hell, so if you wan't a little quieter, go with brown switches. I read they aren't "clicky" feeling or sounding as blue or red switches. That said this thing games great, no missed button presses.
  2. Take this test it will lead you to your answer

    I personally prefer mechanical keyboards, but not everyone does.

    For me, the Ducky Shining takes the cake - Backlit in red/green/blue/white, comes in red/brown/black/blue switches.

    From there I would look at Deck Legend boards, Filcos, CM’s Storm QuickFire.
    guide at another well respected forum:
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