Random green speckled pixels everywhere on monitor

They jitter all over the place usually where something green is or on my desktop background as well as all other programs and even when I turn the monitor off and turn it on it shows the monitors SPLASH screen logo The entire screen is filled with green pixels until my desktop shows up then it shows a lot of my desktop full of speckled sparkling Flickering green pixels everywhere.
It's happened a few times before but only for a split second... then it fixed itself and completely went back to normal.
This time it happened again and apparently simply hitting the back of the monitor with the palm of my hand completely fixed it and it hasn't messed up for a while yet.
Screen native resolution at 1440x900 native refresh rate 60hz
Is it possible the monitor is old? (it's about 3 and a half years old if i'm counting right) I'm sure it's not the computer because I got the computer less than a week ago. Should I just buy a new monitor?
I don't know the screens model number but it appears to be an e-machines monitor.
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    it appears that your monitor is started his death sequence. be ready to replace it.
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