compatible graphic cards for intel dh55tc

sir , i want to buy a graphic card and a compatible psu for my cpu having specs ,
1.motherboard- intel dh55tc 530 , 2.93 GHz
2.memory - 2x2 GB
3. socket - 1156LGA
4.core voltage - 0.944 approx
5. processor core i3

sir i am confused in buying nvidia gtx 550ti and nvidia gtx 560 are these graphic cards are compatible in terms of bus width ??
moreover in my narby market nvidia gtx550ti is more cheaper then gtx 560 !!!!! but if there is any other card better then these two and falling in the price range of above given cards then please tell me !!!
also tell me compatible psu for the card ..... please tell me fast as because i can't wait for playing games like "battlefield 3, crysis, batman arkham city" !!!!!

i would be thankful to you if you help me .
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  1. any gpu willwork with your pc.from low end to high end.

    tell us budget $ max screen resolution
  2. my budget is 220 $ for graphic card ..... and my max screen resolution on my present chipset is 1920 x 1080 but it varies over graphic cards . please also tell me about compatible psu !!!!
  3. get Saphhire hd 7870 2gb + corsair cxv2 500w psu
  4. is sapphire hd 7870 better than nvidia gtx 560 ti 1 gb ??
  5. yes far better even it is faster than gtx 660
  6. sir , but i am going to buy nvidia gtx 560 ti 1 gb . because i am getting this card through my friend's shop at much cheaper price . please tell me a compatible psu of "COOLER MASTER" because corsair psu are not in stock .
  7. there is no cooler master good psu.get seasonic 520w psu
  8. THANK YOU SIR !!!! :)
  9. sir i have ,one more query , that whether i should change my original cpu psu which is intex 450w with newly bought psu for graphic card . or i should attach new psu only with graphic card !!!
  10. no forget that crap intex,throw in dustbin.get new psu and attach gpu then.

    and no need to call me sir as iam just 18 haa
  11. ok buddy !!! .... are you from india ??
  12. yes
  13. buddy tell me whether should i buy nvidia gtx 550 ti 2gb or buy nvidia gtx 560 ti 1gb . both costs me same !!!!! . my at present screen resolution on my 22 inch mointor is 1920x1080 . i am confused because i have to use it for next 6-8 years AND thats'why i have a fear that if i buy nvidia gtx 560 ti ..... it will be outdated soon BECAUSE OF LOW MEMORY { 1 GB }.
  14. for future proof you need 2gb gpu and minimum hd 7870
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