Require assistance troubleshooting new homebuilt system

I have built and supported systems for a long time, but this problem I am having with building a new PC for my nephew appears to be stumping me so I turn to all of you, my fellow tech gurus and geeks for advice.

First: the parts:

Motherboard: ASUS M5A99X EVO R2.0
PRocessor: AMD FX 8 core black edition
Ram: 32GB DDR3
Video Card: Geforce GT 630 (NVidia) PCI E 2.) 2GB memory

All components fit nicely but when I power up, there is no signal to the monitor, hence no picture and no motherboard BIOS screen or cursor or anything. Several monitors and cables were tried, with the same result. VIdeo card was reseated and also tried in the other card slots of the board, same result. No beeps or noises or error alerts when powering up. On a hunch that I had bad parts I exchanged the board, processor and vid card and reassembled but the problem occurs again. The power supply is a 1000 watt power supply and the video card does not appear to have a connector for a power cord to be attached to it for extra energy.

So I ask you all, what did I miss? It's probably something simple that I have overlooked, wouldn't be the first time but still I could swear I checked everything.

In short: PLEASE HELP :)
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  1. Does the board achieve POST at all? Motherboard speaker saying anything?
    Have you run it test-benched/bread boarded?
  2. check if the graphics card works properly also check all the cables to be rightly connected!
    i dont think its a psu problem!is the monitor working properly?
  3. manofchalk said:
    Does the board achieve POST at all? Motherboard speaker saying anything?
    Have you run it test-benched/bread boarded?

    No POST, no noises from teh board or its speaker. No signal is going to the monitor so there is no picture to see if there are any visual error messages. As this is the second board I would be amazed if lightning struck twice and both boards were bad but that is a possibility.
  4. OK, so literally nothing even powers on at all.

    I would test bench the system , pull it out of the case and have it on a non-conductive surface, with the bare minimum hardware to achieve POST. Hook it up the the PSU and see if that works, if it doesn't you can be fairly sure somethings dead.

    Might want to test if the PSU works as well, as thats been the one constant as far as I can tell. Do you know how to jumper a PSU?
  5. current status, system powers up, no errors noted but still no signal to monitor or error messages. I'm going to have strip the system down again and try again piece by piece.
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