HD 7970 Overkill?


I'm planning to build a new gaming rig soon, and I was wondering if a HD 7970 would be overkill for playing anything on max settings at 1920x1080. I'm not interested in multiple monitor gaming.

A huge factor in my decision is future proofing, ideally I don't want to upgrade the GPU for 3 years.


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    If you care about gaming, the 7970 is a good choice, and you will not have to upgrade for a while.
  2. It's not overkill at all, games like far cry 3, crysis 3, bioshock infinite etc are pushing the limits of GPU's at 1080p even.

    get a good GHz edition, like the saphire vapor-x, if you find it's not enough in a year or two get a second.
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