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windows product key

pliz may you help me with windows 7 professional product key,am missing my own

thank you,my
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    We can't help with keys in these forums. please see the forum rules.

    Also, don't put your email in a post or you'll get unwanted spam.
  2. Your not getting one here, and don't post your email address on a public forum unless you want to be bombarded with spam.

    If you are in need of an OS and cant afford Windows, try a Linux variant like Ubuntu or Mint.
  3. We can not give you a key. You will have to purchase one from Microsoft..
  4. Microsoft has been quite useful in cases where there is a provable previous ownership. Since most questions like this are attempts at piracy, and we have no way to judge the validity of a specific one, these questions are not allowed.

    Forum rules also prohibit posting contact information. You did.
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