What GPU Perfect For waching 3D bluray and 1080p Play game in 3D HDTV ((AMD OR Nvidia))

Hi all
if you have High End 3D Full HD LED TV like (Samsung Es8000 series or Sony XR960 series) what GPU choice For your New PC To have best Quality in 3D watching Movie and 3D Games
Nvidia 3D vision

Which Model ? And Why That?;)
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  1. for film, you want AMD, Games you want NVidia. Overall they're both very close in performance. I would say, if you have an Intel CPU, go for Nvidia. For an AMD CPU, go for the AMD. They tend to have special strings like AMD-V which require both CPU and GPU to get the full effect. Nvidia tends to work best with intel. Mainly because Intel chips work much better with CUDA and PhysX than AMD.

    Long story short. pick based on emphasis.

    try to go with a medium to high medium performance. AMD would be the 7850-7950. Nvidia 660ti-670FTW.
  2. Thx for your answer mafisometal. but why "for film, you want AMD" ? why amd better in watching 3d bluray movie ?!!
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