In Graphics Card DDR3 Vs DDR5 ?

Hi guys can u pls tell us the difference btw DDR3 and DDR5 , ans also tell which one is best ?
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  1. DDR5 no brainer
  2. ddr5 is faster. ive had many years experience with this and I can tell you from the 6600gt ddr2 and the 9600gt ddr3 and the 7770 ddr5 that the ddr5 card is faster.
  3. With equal memory clocks, DDR5 has twice the bandwidth of DDR3 ...
  4. Read this it should tell you all you need to know and more

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    hey mac..can I pm you?

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  8. But what about if one option is 1GB GDDR5 and the other option is 2GB GDDR3? Which is better then? This would be for 3D modeling using Maya and Max.
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