Bioshock 3 FPS drops

Hi. I have installed Bioshock 3 and when i play with 1908x 1080 something the FPS drops. It slows down. So i have to put it on 720p version sio i can play it. I don't know why it slows down. But when i play Dead space 3 everything is ok. I have an

Alienware M18x-R2
Nvidia GTX 660M
Win 7

Please help.
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  1. Dead Space 3 is a very easy game to run being that it has no settings to take the image quality over that of consoles.

    If everything is cranked up in Bioshock Infinite on your laptop than yes you will have problems. Try lower some detail and definitely turn off any AA.

    Just for future reference post actual FPS with fraps or in-game used settings so the community knows and has something to work with.
  2. your laptop is too weak to have playable framerate at 1080p resolution. to know what kind of framerate you are getting download program called Fraps and it will show you the want to keep the fps at 60 for the best possible experience...anything above that you won't notice and anything below that will feel sluggish and choppy
  3. This is an intentional double post here:

    As for why you've got lag, well... you're using a mobile chip and probably expecting it to max out the game because it's 'alienware.' Sadly, a 660m isn't close to capable of doing that.
  4. Thanks a lot guys. Where can i find the "AA" so i can turn it off.
  5. Look under options, graphics, possibly the advanced graphics button.

    "AA" is also known as antialiasing.
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    Of course - glad we could help.

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  8. worked like a charm! Thanks so much! god Bless!!!
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