(2) WD GREEN 2TB HDD. Which RAID is better?

I have (2) WD green 2tb hdd recording video surveillance feeds from 3 different cameras. What RAID setup would you suggest? Options are RAID 0, 1
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  1. If it's video surveillance definitely RAID 1. This will automatically copy 1 hdd to the other. This way if one of the drives fail you won't lose any data. RAID 1 halves your chance of losing data and RAID 0 doubles your chance of losing data.
  2. okay I was going to do that.

    You also have the option to view the video surveillance via your cell phone.

    Will the raid-1 effect the video stream through your phone in any way?

    I wouldn't suppose it would.

    Thanks for the response.
  3. It depends do you archive the video or just let new vidio overwrite the oldest? If you have allot of cameras raid 0 will allow you to have more cameras in most dvr type systems as it can cope with higher write speeds. raid 1 is for safety and is nice but most systems I have seen put in comapnies use the 0 for the speed and archive off once a week or so.

    The raid will not effect anything it is all done behind the scean..
  4. The cameras only record motion, and it would archive the video.
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    These two types of RAID are made for different purposes.

    RAID 0 is used to speed performance, while RAID 1 is used for data redundancy. From your brief description, it sounds to me that you will be wanting redundancy (RAID 1)

    Essentially, RAID 1 writes the same data to both drives at the same time. Therefore, if one of your drives fails, you can recover the entire contents from the other drive.

    RAID 0 on the other hand 'stripes' data across two drives. Essentially, it splits the data you want to write in half, and writes half of it to one drive, and half to the other. In principle you can get twice the read/write speed with this method, although of course in practise the gain is somewhat less. Note that RAID 0 offers no redundancy; if one of the drives fail you have lost at least half your data (and reconstructing the rest of it may be difficult).

    Bottom line:

    Do your drives currently write fast enough to record all of the data from your cameras realtime? If so, go with RAID 1 for redundancy. If not, go with RAID 0 for the performance boost.

    I doubt you are maxing out the write speed of a single WD green ( 100MB/s) with three surveillance cameras, unless they are something like full HD with high FPS.

    See this website for more details on RAID:

    Edit: Sorry, didn't see the latest replies.

    Particularly if it is just storing motion, then there is absolutely no way you are hitting a performance bottleneck. Do RAID 1.

    And like the other poster said, the viewing from a cellphone will be completely separate, don't worry about it.

    Just one final note: RAID 1 IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR PROPER OFF-SITE BACKUPS! This will protect you if a drive fails, but if there is a fire or something that destroys your computer, you are still out of luck. If it is important, do an offsite backup regularly.
  6. thank you that clears it up!
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