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  1. http://specialtech.co.uk/spshop/customer/Alphacool-NexXxoS-UT60-Full-Copper-360mm-Triple-Radiator-pid-14819.html

    I have the 80mm version of this radiator and the cooling power is just great, so I'm thinking that the 60mm version will be just as good. Alphacool makes a great radiator.
  2. That's currently out of stock but I registered to be notified when it's available :) hope it's getting restocked within few weeks.

    Optionally I see it's in stock at Jimm's!
  3. Got the paycheck now so I will be ordering parts today. I was thinking if I should change to Intel now (LGA1155 with i5) or wait that the new LGA1150 sockets come out? Would probably save some money if I would wait. Though I have no idea how much the new Haswell processors will cost. If they're more like LGA2011 then I think I'll pass. 300 euros is the most I'm willing to pay for processor.
  4. Look at the prices Sandy and Ivy bridge was at release, should be the same thing with Haswell.
    Though really, would just get an FX-8350. Saves you buying a new mobo and its a fairly decent performance upgrade from your Phenom II.

    Or if your set on Intel, would wait until you can assure compatibility with your water block.
  5. It seems like that. Cpubenchmark.net shows that it would more than double the performance from my Phenom II X4. And like you said, would save me a new motherboard.

    I just read news that the Haswell-E will be released in Q4 2014 so I have plenty of time still with AMD. I actually haven't even payed attention to the newest AMD models lately.
  6. Haswell-E will take so long because were still waiting for Ivy Bridge-E .
    Though the mainstream Haswell processors are releasing around this mid-year. Intel have already started shipping engineering sample CPU's to reviewers to start benching them, though the results wont be published until the embargo lifts, which is likely going to happen a week before the CPUs are actually available.

    Funny thing about that actually, was watching a LinusTechTips live stream and he showed the i5-4670K (the 3570k of Haswell) he had received from Intel. Then lamented its completely useless as none of the motherboard guys would be sending out their LGA1150 boards for a couple of weeks :lol:
  7. Yeah. Well on the other hand I haven't been really after the newest CPUs so I think I can upgrade to Intel on a later date. Just going to build this first water cooling unit around my AMD. I can still sell the Phenom II X4 for a good $80 price at least at online auction so the FX-8350 wouldn't feel like so big of an investment.

    Hmm... I'm having hard time finding matching components (same developer). I'd like to go with only 1 or 2 brands only. I'm liking EK a lot, as well as XSPC and Alphacool. They have made every component I need but there's nothing in stock when I would need it :(
  8. Just want your final opinion before ordering. Or more like an extra pair of (experienced) eyes to see if I forgot something.

    Here's what I'll order from Jimm's:

    ^In order from top to down: Pump top, CPU waterblock, UNI holder for pump, 19/13mm compression fittings (x8 straight & x2 45 degree angle adapters), Corsair 650W power supply

    Here's what I'll order from SpecialTech:

    ^I think that is all I need. Please tell me if I'm missing something. I can quickly order new stuff from Jimm's if I miss something but from SpecialTech it would be quite pain.

    I was first going to add in the new processor (FX-8350) but it turned out that the water cooling parts and new PSU goes already to +500€ and that's quite maximum for me at the moment.

    I added Mayhem Laser green dye what I will be using to color the distilled water.

    I have some moddings in mind for the case in addition to those listed above (change the intake 230mm fan to LED as well, add a few LED stripes there etc.) but they will have to wait until I get the loop done.
  9. Noticed myself that I was missing the fan controller and the drain point.


    - BitFenix Recon 5 Channel Fan and Temperature Controller £30
    - Sealing Plug / Fill Port for 1/2" ID Tubing £3.40
    - Bitspower 1/4" Thread T Fitting with 3 Female 1/4" Threads £9.30
    - Additional 3 compression fittings for the filling point 15€

    That sums the package at about 600€ now. It's feeling quite ridiculous since that's 50% of what I have paid for my whole computer so far :D Well at least I can brag that I have 2000€ self-built computer with awesome moddings!

    And I heard someone say "it's only money" :D
    Hope that is all and I didn't miss anything else.
  10. Quadruple post ftw! I ordered those parts in the evening yesterday. Hoping to receive them on Friday or Monday. I will start the build log probably during next week so stay tuned if interested :P
  11. yay! :bounce:
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