Need Help Moving Windows 7 From an HDD to an SSD

Basically, I just purchased a new PC from iBuyPower.
I ordered a 2TB HDD as well as a 128 GB SSD.

I forgot however to explain that I wish for the OS (Windows 7) to be put onto the SSD.
The PC is scheduled to arrive in the mail any minute now and I am worried that the OS will be installed to the HDD and I will not be able to move it over to the SSD easily. I am by no means computer savy, so I was looking for some advice from you guys and gals.

I do however need to head off to work soon and will be reading these comments when I arrive home. But please give me your ideas on how I can go about moving the OS if it were to be on the HDD or if you believe they may have put it on the SSD for me. I am posting this before I actually get it only because I do not want to have to wait for a reply when it is sitting directly in front of me. I will be itching to play some videogames. =P

Thanks everyone.
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  1. They should assume that's what you wanted. No one would ever want the OS to be on the hdd when they also have an ssd. There is no way to move the OS installation though. That would involve installing windows on the ssd. Good news is that is really simple. Once you get it message me back if the OS is not on the ssd and I can walk you through the whole thing. It will take a max of 2 hours to get everything you need installed on the ssd so no big deal if they did screw up.
  2. Wouldn't I need to use an activation code before booting it with the HDD though? Or will it not boot at all without the Activation? Basically, I will have no choice to put it on the HDD if that is what they had set it up for originally... Correct?

    Im confusing myself. Lol, all I know is I play games, record it and put it on the internet, I know nothing about what is inside :P

    But I will go about messaging you if it is not located on the SSD. Also, I can check which it is installed to by going to Computer>SSD Drive> and looking for windows right?
  3. I was able to move my Windows 7 installation onto a different HDD by copying the partition using Gparted. I then fired up the Windows 7 Install DVD and ran the start up repair which rebuilt the MBR allowing me to boot into windows again. You may be able to use clonezilla as well but the gparted method worked just fine for me. I did have to fix some ACL issues though. Windows remained activated just fine.
  4. You don't want to do that going from an hdd to and ssd though. Anyway, as for the product key it will be on a sticker on the back of your case somewhere. You can install windows to any hdd you want to. It will only stop you from activating if you change your motherboard. Windows is always on you C drive. Open up my computer and see which one is the C drive. I really doubt they put windows on the mechanical drive though. Don't worry so much.
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