Transfering a Hard Drive From One Computer to Another

Just finished building a computer and the build is complete except for the operating system. In the end whats easier - just buy a new operating system and put that on the new build or is it possible to transfer the hard drive from one computer (Emachine that has windows 7) to another (custom build) with the attempt of it transferring window 7 over, with the chance of it still holding all the information that was still on it.
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    What your describing is moving an OEM OS (windows 7) to another custom machine. Not gonna work.. Eventually you'll run into activation issues and could ruin your now valid license.

    Do it right the first time. Buy a new OS.

    Update* Just for more details. The way a Win 7 OEM license works is it is tied to the Mobo of the machine it is activated on. Any and all other hardware can be upgraded / changed besides the board. In certain situations where mobo fails and has to be replaced with a different mobo MS is pretty good about helping out. But if you try to move the entire OS to the other system and run both your gonna end up having your license blacklisted then you'll be paying for two product keys.
  2. It is very difficult to transfer an existing Windows installation from one set of hardware to another. Theoretically it is possible, but I've never done it or seen it done. Usually the result is a blue-screen-of-death during boot. Don't bother.

    As to transferring your Windows license, it won't work either. Major vendors like E-machines (owned by Acer I believe), have volume licensing agreements and their OEM Windows license will not validate on your new motherboard. Those licenses are sold cheaper because they "die" with the original motherboard. You'll have to buy a new Windows license.
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