Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Will not work

I Have tried everything to get Battlefield 3 to work. I have disabled my firewall, tried running as administrator, disabling and enabling UpNp, and disabling my routers firewall, and tried to forward the ports but I get something along the lines of a CSRF Attack error. Is it a must to have these ports forwarded or do some play with them not forwarded? Also could it plain and simply be just having to buy a new router?
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  1. I just installed and played without any changes to my router (a D-Link). What happens if you leave your PC's firewall on and plug directly into you modem?
  2. I cant do anything with the internet if i plug directly into the modem do i have to be connected to wifi as well?
  3. OK - that's odd.

    Should be able to direct connect with an ethernet cable. Might have to reboot the modem and computer to get them to sync up. If necessary open a command prompt after you reboot everything and do an ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew. Should at least be able to surf, then work on BF3.
  4. Which browser are you using? Have you installed the latest update to the BF3 add on? I use firefox and I know that sometimes doesn't show the pings to the servers but I am too lazy to try other browsers to see if they work better.
  5. Maybe you should try uninstalling it and installing it in admin. It could be the router, but I would suspect that last.
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