Need a good gaming AMD CPU that goes with my motherboard

Does not exceed 50$ (low on budget)

RAM: 3.25 GB
GPU: Radeon HD 5450 2 GB
CPU(Needs a change) : Intel Pentium 4 3.2 GHZ

Motherboard: HP Compaq DC7600 Convertible minitower
I'm not going to buy a new desktop ty.
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    It a motherboard for intel pentium, it won't take an AMD CPU.

    Will have to change motherboard to get an AMD CPU, then you probably have to get memory, too. as I don't think there are any new motherboard still take DDR ram.
  2. So you mean that even Intel dual core processors are out of luck?
  3. Oh sorry I bet it can xD
  4. link for DC7600 spec

    if you have the Convertible minitower, which come with a 365W PSU, and it said on page9/10 configurable components up to Intel Pentium D 950, so it might take it. Might have to update the BIOS to get it to support it.
    link for drivers/bios
  5. Thanks again.
    You really helped me today ^^
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