Flash videos chrome browser not enhanced by AMD driver color/quality in CCC.

I always have noticed that internet/flash videos on websites played using Chrome browser is not being enhanced/optimized by the AMD driver quality/enhancements in CCC (Catalyst Control Center).

Whereas in firefox it is being enhanced/optimized quite beautifully with no problems.

I have the "apply current video quality settings to Internet video" checkbox ticked. And have the latest official drivers from AMD.

There is a video demo mode in CCC which you could enable & set in split screen mode so that one could tell if enhancements are taking effect on a particular video.

Is any1 having the same problem?
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  1. it hardware acceleration turn on?
  2. Yes. Internet/flash videos played using firefox is being enhanced by the driver settings in CCC.

    Only videos played using chrome is not being enhanced. No whatsoever at all.
  3. there is a settings on the flash player itself. Right click on a flash object and go to settings.
  4. Yes, hardware acceleration is enabled in flash player settings.
  5. probably a bug, report it to AMD.com driver forum.
  6. I found out how to fix the problem and want to share the solution.

    I just disabled chrome's built in flash player. And left the system wide flash player enabled. Then, tada! Internet/flash/youtube videos are now being enhanced by the AMD driver video enhancements.
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