XFX Radeon hd 7870 no display need help!

I built a computer with
Corsair hx750 PSU
I7-2600 processor
Corsair vengeance 16 gb 1866 mhz
Z77 sabertooth motherboard
And using a dell IN2020M monitor

I have a XFX radeon hd 7870 graphics card everytime I hook it up and put both the 6 pin connectors from PSU no display will show. I hook up my older hd 5670 card and it works fine with the same cable (DvI-D to HDMI) used for my new graphics card. Is this graphics card dead on arrival or can someone give me a clue as to why the screen won't work when I am using only this card?

Please help me out if possible.
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  1. I finally solved the problem. Had to go into Bios and under graphics configuration change display type to PcI because apparently auto had the onboard video on as well
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