Audio issues with Crosshair V Formula Z with HDMI

Hello can some please help me.

I just installed my Crosshair V Formula Z and I am having issues with audio.

I am running a HDMI from my 4850 directly to my Flat Screen.

I am seem to get audio for 2 seconds after bootup and then nothing

Drivers have been updated and I am running Win 8.

Thank You
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    Your sig says you have the 7850?
    Right click on the sound icon on the taskbar->playback devices and set it to AMD HDMI Output.
    Try using older drivers.

    Also check your device manager->sound. See if AMD High Definition Audio Device is there.
  2. Ya I had those and returned them once I saw the 650 TI Boost so I am waiting on them.

    I am going to try a reinstall of Win 8 and see what happens if that doesnt fix it I am going over to the dark (intel) side
  3. Could you please end this thread by selecting an answer. Thanks ;)
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