Best case under $50 usd for a first time builder

I realize there are threads out there for sub-50 dollar cases, but i couldn't find any where ease of assembly was a huge issue. i'm planning to build my first pc for somewhere between 600-800 (including Windows). This is my first time building and so i want a case that's easy to assemble for the budget. I am considering the Antec 300, but i have heard bad things about antec for cable management. the build will have at most an intel i3 3220 (or the haswell equivalent if haswell is out by the time i make this) and a gtx 650 boost. So what case should i get? Thanks in advance.
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  1. Tom did a couple of articles last year on it. Have a read,2707.html,2723.html

    I kind of like the CM Elite 430 but I don't buy cases in that price range. I will say I have bought many Antec cases and haven't been disappointed yet.
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    Antec 300 if you can get it for cheap, it's a tank. Next would be the Cooler Master Elite 430. NZXT Source 210 is quite popular also. If you are looking for a mATX case then consider the Fractal Design Core 1000.
  3. I recommend the NZXT Source 220. It's a great all around case with good cable management and Front USB 3.0.

    It's slightly over $50 with shipping but I think it's worth it.
  4. Whatever you choose make sure you have a case that is easy to work in and nice to look at given what you're building. No cheap case is worth hours of hassle and cussing, busted knuckles, or looks that only a mother could love. If you need to spend an extra couple of bucks to get the right case so be it.
  5. just have one more question .. . .. if my mobo supports front usb 3.0, does my case need to have front usb 3.0 ports?
  6. stuffandthings said:
    just have one more question .. . .. if my mobo supports front usb 3.0, does my case need to have front usb 3.0 ports?

    Ideally it would so you could take advantage of the support, but there will be no compatibility issues if you would choose a case that does not have them. The case I suggested does have them and that's one reason why it's a good value.
  7. Like what JD88 said. Generally if you have a motherboard with USB 3,.0, why not use them? You don't have to and nothing bad will happen if you don't use the USB 3 and you will have it when you need it.
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