Occasional Clicking Noise From Inside PC?

Ive seen a couple of posts about this and they all seem to be because of a HDD clicking, but the problem is I dont have a HDD, I have an SSD.

So I will occasionally, sometimes not at all, hear a clicking noise coming from inside the PC. I just recently built this system and have not encountered any problems.

For example, Ill be playing Battlefield 3 and then "click" and Im like "alright man I have no idea what that is but its scarrin me" because it doesnt affect my pc at all.

It almost sounds like plastic hitting a fan or a static shock.
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  1. Bust open the case and take a look. Might just be a wire getting in the way of a fan.
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    You would have to try to make it happen on command so you can try to track it down.

    If a fan suddenly has to speed up, maybe you hear it.

    I once had a cpu fan slightly warped and hitting the heatsink. strange this is it would only happen sometimes. I do NOT think this is your cause since my fan was warped because my power supply was sitting on it(yeah that is right it was.).

    You may with to try some tests in Windows to generate a load on the cpu like Prime 95 and the video card with something like furmarks(or just vary the video card fan speeds with MSI Afterburner. See if a sudden increase of lets say 5-10% makes a click or not).

    If you can make the sound happen on command, you can get into the system and listen for it.

    Coils can also make a noise, but it should be more of a oscillating buzzing type sound not a click.
  3. Can you please let us know what you found out in the trouble shooting?
  4. nukemaster said:
    Can you please let us know what you found out in the trouble shooting?

    Well I havent opened up my case to take a look, but I recently noticed that when I turn the fan speeds down the occasional click gets quieter, so it might be related to a fan hitting a cord.
  5. Time to have a look to be sure :)
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