SLI GTX680's or Single7970 with 650ti boost for Physx?

I currently have one GTX680 FTW, I was wondering if it makes more sense to go sli 680's or to go with one 7970(because I keep reading how much better they are) and with a lower end NVidia card for PhysX? I can get almost all my money back for my 680 at this point so money is not the issue. I do like the PhysX so I do want some sort of NVidia product. I play games like Mass Effect 3, Crysis 3, BF3 and BF4 soon, also Dirt 3 , Far Cry 3......SC2,WoW....list goes on. I run one monitor and will probably not run more than one anytime soon.

Please let me know, I jus don't want to spend another 500 bucks on a GTX 680 if I am only going to see a minor boost and I am not that familiar with running dual cards.

Oh, 680 is a 2gb version.

With what people have replied already..if I stick with a single there a huge difference between a 7970GHZ and a GTX 680FTW..would it be worth it for me to switch from my 680 to a 7970GHZ?

Thanks in advance,
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  1. Yeah 1 680 is plenty for me at 1080p @ 60hz refresh rate of course. I wouldnt go 7970 + 650 ti. a 670 is within like 5% of a 680 and cheaper. Or just get a 7970.
  2. SLI your680s over mixing AMD and Nvidia. PhysX isn't all what its cracked up to be.

    My personal machine has 2 GTX680s running @ 1252core ea. that my friend will eat any 7970/NVidia PhysX card.

    Anyways PhysX kind of a joke so don't bust your ass on it. very little game support, VERY little
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